This is the first ever full digital release for the classic 4th Neotropic album – a landmark in the evolution of her sound.

“White Rabbits showcases an artist at the top of her form” (Pitchfork)

For this first post-Ninja Tune LP, Riz Maslen travelled to Minneapolis to work with some of its best underground indie musicians.

Initially recording with collaborators including JG Everest, Madigan Shive and Ollo, the tapes were then brought back to London to be augmented, manipulated and reconstructed into the organic, fragmented soundscapes that are the final tracks.

“A shimmering, intoxicating record” (Metro Pop)

“There’s not a single weak moment here. Brilliant, evocative stuff” (In The Mix)

Functioning as both producer and a kind of performing musical director, White Rabbits draws on Maslen’s multi-instrumentalist skills across flute, guitar, bass, drums, percussion and keyboards, as well as her expertise in the studio.

Blending meticulous production and live instrumentation into a highly evocative, cinematic mix, the result is an album that carves its own space somewhere between electronica, post-rock, folk and ambient.

“Exceptional” (XLR8R)

Freeform, fluid and experimental over a full 61 minutes 30 seconds, this is not an album to get to grips with on first listen, but one from which repeated listens reveal more and more. It is a great ensemble piece and an intimately personal statement.

“Undoubtedly the strongest work thus far under the moniker of Neotropic” (Igloo)

“Astounding” (Chord)

We are continuing to work with Riz Maslen to fill in more of the gaps in her online discography. In doing so, our hope is that the development of her aesthetic will become more easily traceable through what is an extraordinary, unique, important, and still growing body of work.

“For all intents and purposes, Maslen has become the female equivalent of Brian Eno” (IGN)